April 6-8, 1998

The next HEPiX meeting will be held at the IN2P3 Computer Center (CCIN2P3) in Lyon (France) on April 6-8, 1998. This is the week before easter.

The format of the meeting is expected to be like in the previous meetings:

Day 1 PCs in HEP, featuring talks on both Linux and NT use. This day will be co-sponsored by the NEP-NT group which is being promoted by an initiative by the HEP-CCC.

Day 2 The morning will include the traditional Site Reports from different labs as well as a variety of presentations on different topics.

Day 3 HPSS and other Mass Storage topics day. The conference will be scheduled to stop by mid-afternoon on the Wednesday to permit attendees to take evening flights home.

One of the themes will be mail issues, focussing on IMAP, LDAP and experiences at some larger sites, especially CERN. It is intended to have a BOF session or a small working group meeting during the HEPiX meeting. (Organizer: Arnaud Taddei)
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