HEPiX Meeting at TRIUMF, 10 -12 April 1996


 TRIUMF Introduction by Prof. Alan Astbury

Site Reports
 TRIUMF by C.Kost
 Yale University Physics Dept. by R.Lauer
 CCIN2P3 by W.Wocjik
 BNL by T.Schlagel
 RAL by J.Gordon
 CERN by A.Silverman
 DAPNIA by P.Micout
 CEBAF by S.Philpott
 FNAL by S.Hanson
 SLAC by R.Melen
 GSI by J.Heilman

Experience with a Sendmail Substitute by R.Lauer/Yale
Certification of UNIX Operating System Releases by A.Silverman/CERN
LINUX by Bob Bruen/MIT
Report of the HEPiX AFS Working Group by S.Hanson/FNAL
Planning for Data Storage and Batch Farming at CEBAF by R. Chambers
Roundtable discussion on disk-space management led by John O'Neall/IN2P3
The Use of Wincenter from Unix workstations by Pierrick Micout/DAPNIA
Comparing various methods to access Windows tool by A.Silverman/CERN
Report of the CERN Connectivity Working Group by A.Miotto
Experience with mbone videoconferencing by R.Lauer/Yale
Use of GNATS by A.Lovell/CERN
IMAP at Fermilab by S.Hanson/FNAL
Tape Management System (TMS) at CERN by A.Maver/CERN
SHIFT Tape Software in Saclay by P.Micout/Saclay
Roundtable discussion on Tape Interchange led by John Gordon/RAL

Batch Systems
 BNL's Experience with DNQS and Loadleveler by T.Schlagel/BNL
 Cluster Computing Using CONDOR by M.Livny/Uni Wisconsin
 Interactive Load Sharing Evaluation by A.Miotto/CERN
 LAL's Experience with load sharing using LSF by M.Jouvin/LAL
 BQS at IN2P3 and POSIX Aspects of Batch by Y.Fouilhe/CCIN2P3
 LSF for Batch? A user point of view by G.Grosdidier/Orsay
 A Discussion on Batch Systems, led by R.Melen/SLAC

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