HEPiX Meeting in Rio de Janeiro

The next HEPiX conference will take place in LAFEX/CBPF, Rio de Janeiro on September 25th to 27th, following the CHEP (Computing in High Energy Physics) conference in Rio during the preceding week, Sept 18th to 22nd.

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The theme of the HEPiX meeting will be User Interfacing, including some feedback from major users. We will be inviting some physicists to give us their list of requirements for UNIX support and some feedback on how well, or badly, these requirements are currently met.

The local organization committee has arranged a special deal with the Hotel Glória - the same hotel as for CHEP - to continue to offer the same rates to HEPiX delegates as for CHEP.

Taxes and Breakfast are included in these prices. The coordinates of the hotel are:

Hotel Glória *****
Rua do Russel, 632 - Rio de Janeiro, 22212 - RJ.
Phone: (5521)205 7272 - Tlx.:(5521)23 623
Fac-Simile(5521)245 1660

See also:

http://www.lafex.cbpf.br/conferences/chep95/travel/hotel_info.html http://www-chep95.fnal.gov/tourist/Hotel_gloria.html

We are now arranging bus transport between the hotel and the conference site. We will also make available in due course some suggestions for interesting excursions during the weekend between CHEP and HEPiX.

      Mariano Sumrell Miranda                    Alan Silverman
      HEPiX Rio onsite coordinator               HEPiX Chairman
      E-mail: mariano@lafexSul.lafex.cbpf.br

Last update: September 20th