HEPiX Meeting at CEBAF, 24 - 26 March 1993


Wednesday, 3/24

9:00  Opening Remarks and Announcements - Sandy Philpott
      Overview of the CEBAF facility - Roy Whitney
9:10  Why are we here? - Judy Nicholls (Fermilab)
9:20 - 11:30 Site Reports
       BNL (Computing) - Ed McFadden
       BNL (Physics and RHIC) - Bill Love
       CEBAF - Sandy Philpott
       Fermilab - Judy Nicholls
       Paul Scherrer Institut - Rudolf Mylonas
       SLAC - Les Cottrell

11:30  ESnet Site Coordinating Committee Activities, Roy Whitney, CEBAF
12:00  Fermi's Experiences and Plans for AFS, Lisa Giacchetti, Fermilab

 2:00  Energy Research Distributed Computing Environment Activities, Roy Whitney, CEBAF
 2:30  OSF on the ALPHA-AXP, Rochelle Lauer, Yale High Energy Physics
 3:00  Site Administration, John Dassonville, SCCL
 3:15  PDSF (Physics Detector Simulation Facility) Update and Plans, Brian Scipioni, SSC

 4:00  Distributed and Central UNIX Services, Batch queueing, ABARS-WORM
       backup, ALPHA, AFS Experience and More, Ed McFadden, BNL
 4:30  CLUBS, Judy Nicholls, Fermilab
 5:00  Experience with UNITREE, Rudolf Mylonas, Paul Scherrer Institut
 5:15  Plans for Distributed Applications File Service and Common User Environment at SSC, Mark Selover, SSC

Thursday, 3/25

 9:00  CEBAF's UNIX Systems Environment, Sandy Philpott, CEBAF
 9:30  Experiences at Fermilab with Heterogeneous Cluster Computing on UNIX Workstations, Kevin Sullivan, Fermilab
10:00  SLAC Batch Computing Plans, Les Cottrell, SLAC

11:00  Tools Database, Ernie Bisson, MIT Lab for Nuclear Science
11:15  UNIX Issues in the CEBAF Data Acquisition System, Chip Watson, CEBAF
11:45  LUE: A simple tool for distributed management and resource tracking, Frank Koenen, Fermilab

 2:00  Software Support in a Distributed Computing Environment: An Update, Judith Nicholls, Fermilab
 2:30  Enterprise-wide Drawing Management Issues and Solutions, Frank Koenen, Fermilab
 3:00  Where are we?

 4:00  Discussions on Common UNIX Environment

Friday, 3/26

9:00  Discussions:  Where do we go from here?
      C/Fortran InterfaceProblems, Les Cottrell, SLAC

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