First HEPiX Meeting at Fermilab, Sept 23/24 1991

Meeting Agenda

Monday, Sept 23, Feynman Computing Center Users Area 

9:00 Opening remarks and announcements 
9:10 Welcome Address, Joel Butler, Fermilab 
9:30 HEPnet and HEPiX, Bill Lidinsky, HEPnet 
9:45 Site Reports, 15 min each 
	CERN, Judy Richards 
	Fermilab, Judy Nicholls 
	SLAC, Les Cottrell 
	TRIUMF, Corrie Kost 
10:30 Break 
11:00 Site Reports, continued 
	BNL, Graham Campbell 
	DESY, Jan Peters 
	INFN, Guido Russo 
	KEK, Youhei Morita 
	LAMPF, Tom Kozlowski 
	NIKHEF, Willem van Leeuwen 
	SSCL, Keith Rich 
	Yale, Rochelle Lauer 

13:00 Lunch in Wilson Hall Cafeteria 

14:30 World Wide Web -- Heterogeneous Information Network 
	Judy Richards, CERN 
15:00 UNIX Product Support and Distribution 
	Ruth Pordes, Fermilab 
15:30 PDSF at SSCL 
	Larry Cormell, SSCL 
16:00 Break 
16:30 Centralized UNIX Administration at SLAC 
	Karl Swartz, SLAC 
17:00 Maintaining and Distributing Third-Party Software 
	Experience with Uniform Site-wide uid/gid's 
	Graham Campbell, BNL 
17:30 Distributed Processing using ISIS 
	Rene Brun, CERN 

18:30 Reception and Dinner, 2nd Floor, Wilson Hall 

Tuesday, Sept 24, Feynman Computing Center Users Area 

9:00 CERNLIB Management and UNIX 
	Miguel Marquina, CERN 
9:30 Fermi UNIX Environment 
	Judy Nicholls, Fermilab 
10:00 The Nuts and Bolts of FUE 
	Matt Wicks, Fermilab 
10:30 An Application Software Installation Server for CERN (ASIS) 
	Philippe Defert, CERN 
11:00 Break 
11:30 NQS Development at CERN 
	Judy Richards, CERN 
12:00 UNIX Security and Resource Management, Our Experience 
	Rochelle Lauer, Yale 
12:30 Fermilab Experience with X and Motif 
	Chris O'Reilly, Fermilab 

13:00 Lunch in Wilson Hall Cafeteria 

14:30 Fermilab POSIX Involvement 
	Matt Wicks and Chuck DeBaun, Fermilab 
15:00 Nag f90 Compiler Experiences 
	Miguel Marquina, CERN 
15:30 HEPLIB Summary, Harald Johnstad, SSCL 
16:00 Break 
16:30 HEPVMx Report, Judy Richards, CERN 
17:00 HEPiX Planning 

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